Due to improvement in the Covid-19 situation, please note the following updated safety measures for coming to the masjid for prayers:
  1. Brothers, sisters and children are allowed to attend.
  2. Mask is not required but is encouraged, especially for those who have a tendency to cough, sneeze or regularly feel the need to clear their throat.
  3. All musallee will be standing shoulder to shoulder.  If any person strongly feels the need to distance themselves, they may do so by standing separately to one side.
  4. Please bring your own personal musallah if you would like.
  5. Please avoid coughing and sneezing inside the musallah area.  Please avoid coming if you are sick.
  6. Wudhu and restroom facilities are open.
  7. Entrance may be locked once maximum capacity is reached to prevent over-crowding.
  8. Medical screening and temperature checks may be performed with entry denied if concerns exist.


Jummah Services begin at 2:00pm.

Please note that the hour will shift back for DST on Sunday November 6th.