Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, please note the following safety measures for coming to the masjid for prayers:
  1. Only 12 to 65 year old men allowed.  Unfortunately no sisters or children at this time.
  2. Mask and own personal musallah required to enter the building.
  3. No coughing or sneezing permitted inside the musallah area.
  4. Wudu and restroom facilities are closed.  Please do wudu from home.
  5. Entrance will be locked once maximum capacity is reached to prevent over-crowding.
  6. Medical screening and temperature checks may be performed with entry denied if concerns exist.
If unable to come to the Masjid, please see the description for performing Jummah prayer in private, small gatherings.  We recommend taking utmost precaution InShaAllah.


Jummah Services begin at 2:00pm.  Entry will be closed once maximum capacity is reached.

Please note the DST time change on Sunday March 14, 2021.