The first of Ramadhan will be on either Monday March 11th or Tuesday March 12th based on moonsighting.
First Taraweeh at Al Falah Institute will be Sunday March 10th or Monday March 11th beginning after Isha prayer at 9:20pm.
Hifdh School and Educational Program Fundraising Dinner/Iftar. Friday March 15th 2024.
Khatamul Quran and Masjid Land Fundraising Dinner/Iftar. 29th Night of Ramadhan.
I'tikaf - During the final 10 day of Ramadan.

Multiple Friday Times

Multiple Friday

Prayer Timings

Few Mosques Offer Multiple Friday Prayers, For them we are offering a new widget which will help them to display as many Friday Times on their site.

Jummah 1

Start: 01:30 PM
Iqamah: 02:00 PM

Dua will be offered right after the prayer

Jummah 2

Start: 02:00 PM
Iqamah: 02:30 PM

Dua will be offered right after the prayer

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